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DeviceName Fouri
Type of Laser Er:YAG & CO2 (RFTube)
Wavelength Er:YAG: 2940nm / CO2: 10600nm
Operating Mode Erbium CO2 Fouri
CW Pulse Ultra Erbium
Energy Max 1.2] 30W 1.2] = 30W
Wavelength[nm] 2940 10600 2940 10600
Pulse Width[us] 300 70~860 300 Level 1~5
Auto Spot[mm] 0.5~7 = 0.5~7 0.5~2
Pulse Rate[Hz] CW 10~30 10~250 Single, CW
Display 10.2" wide panel with smart jog dial handle
Basic Part Auto zooming handpiece, Blue peeling handpiece (stamp type: 7mm)
Optional Part Scanner(290nm,10.6us)-Additional internal interface
Multiple factional scanner (Er:YAG&CO2)
Memory Programmable quick indications, 10 memories, auto backup & restore
Noise Level 50dB (Patent cooling system)
Aiming Beam Diode 650m(Red), 5mW adjustable brightness
Electrical Requirements 220~230VAC, 15A, 50Hz or 60Hz
Dimensions (mm) / Weight 290(W) * 770(L) * 880(H), 75Kg
CE Processing GMP KFDA ISO 13485 ��ó�����ȸ