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What is Iris?
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• Iris is a Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser (532nm/1064nm/SLP/PTP BlueToning).

• The composition of laser resonator is designed in a way that allows laser beam to be uniformly distributed,
acquiring an excellent beam quality of top hat mode.

• Iris is the first smart laser device in Korea to operate with True 15Hz/s pumping speed, enabling highly efficient performance
in treating pigmented lesion by safely destroying pigments only while minimizing the patient’s pain.

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• Perfect Top Hat Mode

• PTP Blue Toning effect that is under 500W (safe toning method)

• Maximum energy output of 2.2J (2200~3000mJ) in SLP Mode (Free Running Mode)

• Maximum energy output of 1.8J (1800mJ) at 5~10ns (Q-SW)

• (RMSW)Remote Maintenance System using WCDMA mobile network (patent)

• Patented cooling system (significant noise reduction)

• Allows treatment of large area through the use of articulated arm 2~10mm handpiece

• Allows safe treatment through application of 2~10mm collimated handpiece

• Artificial intelligence user interface using ‘Quick Mode’

• User friendly interface

• The highest speed repetition: 15Hz laser output

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532 Fractional

532 Fractional

1064 Collimated

1064 Collimated

1064 Fractional

1064 Fractional

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Basic Zoom