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What is Lasya
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Lasya is a new High Powered Dual HIFU. It gives enough ultrasound energy for skin
lifting/tightening without surgery or downtime. It gives also enough power to give
lipo treatment (Fat treatment)

• Full face and neck treatment for 45~60 mins.

• Broad range of patients' treatment without skin type.

menu Why Non-invasive lifting treatment

Most of Laser treatments for skin tightening/lifting gives skin burnt damages and
it uses the skin rebuilds only for skin surface. Unlike the Laser treatments,
HIFU transfer the power of ultrasound to the collagen layer in the skin such as chin,
cheeks, neck, brow and chest to make V-line. The 10mm of Lasya HIFU also gives the power
to the fat layer to reduce unsually thick layer of fat without the skin damages.
HIFU has been established as safe and effective in clinical studies in the world.
Especially, in the tropical countries who has the hifh PIH possibilities because of the
hot weather, HIFU is very effective treatment for daliy life of patients.

• No skindamage and downtime

• less tolerated pain with comfort treatment.

menu How it works

Lasya treatment relies on ultrasound (HIFU) to deliever it's dramatic collagen regeneration treatment.
It gives the ultrasound power to only the focus target layer without the any invasive damages on the skin
surface. So people can do their daily life right after the treatment because it doesn't have any skin damage
like other normal fractional lasers.

• Complementary to other Aesthetic/Medical treatments.

• Cost effective and profitable solution for rejuvenation.